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Core values

At Mollen Consult, we are guided by a set of core values in which believe strongly. We apply these to all our work, no matter how large or small the engagement.

Open communication
Achieving results that matter require frequent and open discussions between the leaders of the organization. Leaders may not always agree, but they must show an understanding of each other's point of view and speak with a single voice to the rest of the organization. As far as our own client relations go, we believe strongly that change is only achieved by working closely with the organization; we do not believe in "ivory tower" approaches which often lead to impractical and unimplementable solutions.

Trusted relationships
True change can only come if there is a mutual understanding between the people leading and experiencing change. There can be no hidden agendas, no private ambitions overruling  the purposes of the organization. Mollen Consult believes in building trust through long lasting relationships in which both parties know what they can expect from one another. Also, Mollen Consult will not work for any direct competitor while engaged by you -- adding to the depth of the relationship.

Practical solutions
Consultants sometimes have a reputation of thinking up theoretical, unpractical solutions. At Mollen Consult, we often work with the client to implement what we advise. That requires us to ask an important from the start: "if I were to implement my own recommendations, could I make them successful?" We are not satisfied if the client does not achieve the result that they intended to reach. That focus on practicality is what distinguishes us from the pack.

Dedication to be ahead of the pack
Innovation and change requires that you push the envelope some. In this dynamic world, you can't afford to be spending time on yesterday's ideas. We are committed to keep abreast of the market in our thoughts, while balancing the risks of innovative solutions in the real business environment

Value for your money
Ultimately, you invest in change to obtain a return on investment. Mollen Consult promotes sitting down from time to time to take a helicopter view, to evaluate whether you are achieving the results you set out to get, and taking corrective action if necessary.

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